Sugarless Cocoa Drink

It’s rather difficult to find cocoa drinks with no sugar these days. Most of the shops just use 3-in-1 cocoa powder. They also excessively put in sugar, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and whatnot. These, they think, make good cocoa drinks.

But recently I found, or perhaps rediscovered, that to me these are not what makes good coacoa drinks. It’s the quality of cocoa, the smell, the sensation of that rich, thick, natural taste on my tongue–the properties that keep me coming back for more.

It is not easy to find, it takes courage to swallow, it tastes plain bitter. But I still want to keep drinking. Somehow, the rarity, insecurity and bitterness of it make me happy, so I look for it, long for it all the time. 

You are the sugarless cocoa drink.

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