Silly Story – Now taking vicodin

Last week at IH (International House), My teacher ordered me to write a story with me as a narrator. So I wrote this up in the class. This week the teacher corrected some ungrammatical points for me. I just wanna share it here.

A quick aside before I do, remember the sleep issues I was telling you about? I talked to the counselor who referred me to a doctor that she knows, and they want to help me with my insomnia. I have to buy vicodin online and take it regularly not too long before I head to bed. I really hope it works. I’ll let you guys know.

My favourite story.

I have an interesting friend named Gerald. He always has exciting stories to tell me. My favourite one is about aliens. Here’s the story:

Two years ago, Gerald woke up in the morning and found that the sky was extremely dark. He thought there was an eclipse so he went out to see. Unexpectedly, he didn’t see an eclipse. What he saw was an enormous UFO! He was shocked for a while before realizing that he couldn’t move and was being teleported into the UFO. He tole me that the aliens were not green and their heads weren’t big. Their bodies were like ants’ bodies but much bigger. Their heads are like dinosaurs’ heads. They saidtalked in a language he didn’t know. He tried to escape because he thought the aliens willwould kill him or did a surgeryoperate withon him. So he kicked an alien. It fell easily. After that, he found the aliens very weak. He killed them all and went back to the ground with a teleporter.

Then Gerald gothad a problem. The UFO started to shake and falling down. Gerald tried to avoid being crashedhit. He ran as quickly as he could then he found that the UFO had turned into a Tyrannosaurus-sized robot. IT started to move and trytried to catch him. Gerald shouted “Bumblebee!” but no Autobots came. The robot launched many missiles but they didn’t reach him, just like in a Hollywood film!

Gerald told me the man who saved him was Jarjarbinx. He came and shouted “Bruuuu!” then the robot broke into pieces. Gerald was surprised. He thought Jarjarbinx only existed in the story of Star Wars. He tried talking to him but it seemed that he was being sad. Then he suddenly turned back to Gerald and tried to bite him!

At that time, Gerald had no idea what had happened. He thought Jarjarbinx came to save him but it now looked like he wanted to kill him. He kicked Jarjarbinx once and ran into a house. He shouted “Jarjarbinx sucks!” and then fainted. When he woke up, he found himself in a hospital.

He told me he had one theory about Jarjarbinx and the aliens. He said he thought they were playing TAG game at the time. Jarjarbinx and the aliens were family! and that’s why Jarjarbinx got angry when he saw the aliens’ dead bodies. Personally, I have one theory, In fact, I have one fact. My friend Gerald is crazy and he’s now being recoveredrecovering in a hospital.

Excellent! Great story. Just keep an eye on your verb forms.


Cross-out parts are  things the teacher corrected.
Red parts are things written by the teacher.


Writing stories like this is real fun LOL.

and That’s it.

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