This one deserves a post.

Found in my old notebook.

It was a sunny and hot day.

Tongla said Ong was a gay.

Everybody believed him.

It was very hot so they went to play The Sims.

in an air-conditioned internet cafe.

Cher said “yeah!”

“This is great! but I wanna go to bed.”

But everybody still wanted to play so they killed Cher and he was dead.

Ong asked friends to eat Cher so he could know Cher’s taste.

Everybody allowed him

and continued playing the Sims.

Boat said he wanted to play DotA.

Evreybody wanted to play except Jay.

Jay’s afraid of dying so he had nothing to say.

SUddenly, Mr. Vincent entered the cafe.

He said “It’s time to teach English yeah!!”

But no one wanted to learn English.

An owner of cafe’s dog gave Mr. Vincent a kiss.

The mouth of that dog was poisonous, so Mr. Vincent died.

Nobody cried ’cause everybody didn’t like him!


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